Q&A with Hockey Night in Canada Play On! Director Scott Hill – Part II


This week we sit down with Scott Hill, the Founder and National Director for Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! With the help of a very, very long list of incredible people, he has directed the execution of one hundred and forty four Play On! events since 2003, including eight Redwood Cup national championships. Over 1.5 million Canadians have now participated in a Play On! event.

In Part II of a two part series, Scott talks about the transition from CBC to Rogers as the event’s major media partner, how things are trending for 2016, what participants can expect, and the future of the Redwood Cup.  

Last year, the media sponsor shifted from CBC to Rogers. What were some of the challenges?

How is registration trending for 2016?

How do you keep making the events bigger and better each year? What’s in store for participants in 2016?

Are there plans to hold the Redwood Cup this year?

What’s your favourite Play On! moment?

Play On! events continue this weekend in Halifax and Kelowna, with the Newfoundland and Vancouver events set to go next weekend. The final Play On! event for 2016 will be July 9-10 in Ottawa. Get more details at playon.ca.


Adam Puddicombe

Adam Puddicombe is a digital marketing professional who, by day, works in the ad agency world, and by night, covers the intersection of Canadian sports, media, and technology. Adam holds a degree in commerce, with a focus in marketing, and previously worked for Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! and the St. John’s Fog Devils of the QMJHL. Follow him on Twitter @adampuddicombe.