Q&A: Seamus O’Keefe, 2017 Tim Hortons Brier – Part II

In part one of this interview we talked with Seamus about the bid and ticket packages. In this second and final instalment we discuss the Brier Patch and the economic spinoff for the Northeast Avalon Region.


What will make the St. John’s Brier Patch special?

Without a doubt it will be the people. Known for our hospitality, we will exceed everybody’s expectations. The Downtown setup (Mile One + Convention Centre + Host Hotel) will also allow itself for people to enjoy themselves. Visiting tourists will feel right at home. I’d also like to mention Brad Gushue winning his first Brier at home might be something special.

CCA / Photo by Andrew Klaver

What is the estimated economic spin-off for the Northeast Avalon?

It has been estimated between $12-15 million. Local merchants will benefit at a normally slower time of the tourist season. Hotels, cabs, restaurants, pubs, tourist exhibits will all reap the rewards.

How has the sponsorship drive been thus far?

There has been a general level of interest, Curling Canada are making their rounds as we speak. Despite the economic challenges, we are very confident that Curling Canada will meet their financial estimates.

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What sponsorship opportunities are available?

National partners are allocated the majority of premiere opportunities (rinkboard, in ice, etc). Both the Government of NL and the City of St. John’s will have in ice logos due to their commitments. Local partners will have opportunities in the program, hospitality benefits and access to tickets.

How can a national event like this thrive in a smaller Canadian city?

Has to be a total team effort. All level of governments need to work together. This event will have the feel of a major event due to the level of buy in from the corporate and sporting community. Attendance will be strong and make for good tv.

Thanks to Seamus O’Keefe for his responses. For more information about the 2017 Tim Hortons Brier, please visit http://www.curling.ca/2017brier/

Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy is a Broadcaster and Correspondent with Bell AliantTV1. Previously, he was a post game interviewer with the St. John's IceCaps of the AHL and Co-Host/Producer of Netcrashers Hockey Podcast.