Snapchat Night in Canada

Montreal Canadiens and Snapchat

Snapchat and how teams are using it is one of our interests here at SBC. Last night’s Hockey Night in Canada featured a classic Canadian rivalry between the Leafs and the Habs. I documented how the game was covered on Snapchat by the Canadiens. Because they were the home team, I knew that it was more likely they would be actively posting than the visiting Leafs (this turned out to be true because the Leafs only had about two snaps all night). It’s likely the social team doesn’t travel in the same numbers as the broadcast team.

Have a look at what the Canadiens did over about a four hour period on Snapchat.

Snap Sequence 1


The Snapchat story started at 6:35  which is just before the pre-game skate. After the first pic came two videos showing the team warming up followed by a still showing the time again.

Snap Sequence 2


Three videos came next. The first video was the team taking to the ice. The second was the singing of O Canada. The third featured fans celebrating the first goal of the game. After that was a still of the scoreboard after the first period was complete. All videos and the photos were taken from a similar position in the rink.

Snap Sequence 3


The first snap here shows that the social operator moved up to the press box. The caption indicates that another Habs tally made it on the board. I noticed that for both goals we didn’t get an indication of who scored. That would be something I would have wanted to see. The next two snaps in this sequence show some quality fan interaction. The first shows kids who are enjoying a Habs colouring station. The second shows a young fan getting some face paint with the common social graphic blue-white-red circles. The Habs and their AHL affiliate St. John’s IceCaps commonly use these emojis on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Snap Sequence 4


The final sequence started with a still of the scoreboard. It appears the social operator moved back to the position they were in during the first period. After that we got a short video of the team celebrating the win with Carey Price. Next was a video of Radulov throwing a puck to the fans. Radulov had two assists in the game and seems to be becoming a fan favorite in Montreal. The final snap ended the story by sending a friendly reminder to fans about the next game.

The Good

  • Snaps came from different viewpoints.
  • Fan engagement was showcased.

Areas to Improve

  • Lacked a behind-the-scenes feel.
  • Social operator didn’t use many native snapchat featured and opted for traditional emojis instead.
  • Not much on-ice action was captured


The account had 15 snaps in total from one hour before puck drop until the announcement of the three stars. The highlight of the story, in my opinion, came during the intermission snaps which featured young fans engaging with the Habs community and fan outreach programs. Because the social operator did not take a behind-the-scenes approach, many of the snaps on the account could have easily came from a fan account. The only snap that could have been taken by a staff member was the one that featured the view from the press box. My guess is that the Canadiens are still trying to figure out the platform (like most of us).  Include more fan engagement and all-access snaps would allow the club to really tap into the power of this platform.


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Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy is a Broadcaster and Correspondent with Bell AliantTV1. Previously, he was a post game interviewer with the St. John's IceCaps of the AHL and Co-Host/Producer of Netcrashers Hockey Podcast.