5 Sports Programs Every Canadian Can Watch on Twitter


Some of us, myself included, cried foul when it was announced that NFL Football on Twitter would not be streamed in Canada. What made matters worse was that the games would be available in every other country besides Canada. Talk about salt in the wound for this sports fan.

On September 15, the day Twitter would be live streaming NFL for the first time, I was able to talk to Twitter Canada about this issue. Feeling somewhat disappointed with our inability to watch the game online I asked  “since we can’t watch the NFL, what can Canadians watch on Twitter?”

Unbeknownst to me, the company has already streamed big time events for Canadians and has some significant content offerings on the horizon. In light of my new realization about Twitter Canada content, here are five sports programs that every Canadian can watch on Twitter.

1. MLB Out-Of-Market Games

Twitter’s free app included live videos from MLB Advanced Media. Now viewers will be able to watch entire games. The deal will take effect for the 2017 season.

2. NBA Highlight Shows

Not one, but two new highlight shows will be available.

3. PGA Tour Golf

Keep an eye out for the selection of select tournament streams.

4. US College Football

Like golf, you are going to have to wait and see what the games will be.

5. The Rally Sports Highlight Show


The highlight show was perfected by the cable networks. Twitter is now hoping to compete for viewership in that space.

Twitter: A Leader in Sports Streaming?

Twitter is deploying a strategy that focuses on providing more live content which includes sporting events and highlight shows. Advertisers will be watching very closely over the coming year to determine the viability of Twitter as a streaming content service. If the viewers watch, advertisers will spend, and Twitter will be able to solidify themselves as a leader in sports streaming. Should the number be below expectations, Twitter will have to rethink this strategy because it won’t be long before a competitor tries to master the sports streaming business model.

To learn more about all the developments happening with Twitter Canada, visit their blog.

Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy is a Broadcaster and Correspondent with Bell AliantTV1. Previously, he was a post game interviewer with the St. John's IceCaps of the AHL and Co-Host/Producer of Netcrashers Hockey Podcast.