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It’s Rogers Place for Bettman

The NHL commissioner made his first visit the the NHL’s newest arena, Rogers Place. The stadium did not disappoint the commissioner.

In Streaming News…

Twitter and the National Lacrosse League announced a partnership to live stream a game of the week starting Friday March 17, 2017. After streaming NFL, Tennis, and other sports Twitter is trying its hand a something more niche this time.

Outdoor Game in the Nation’s Capital

The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Senators will finally have a chance to host an outdoor game. The venue, TD Place Stadium, is on the smaller side with seats for only 24,000. It would appear that the league is interested in stadium games at smaller venues.

Olympic Dreams All But Dashed

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman went on the record this week saying to media to “assume we’re not going.” Bettman, a world-class negotiator, is likely not to yield ground until the IOC, IIHF, of the NHLPA can give him something in return. Right now it looks like a long shot to have NHL calibre hockey next year in South Korea.

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