#Sportsbiz Canada Weekly – November 6, 2016

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Not On My Hill

The Canadian Heritage Minister, Melanie Jolie, announced that an outdoor game on Parliament Hill would not be feasible. The NHL will have to look for another venue for an outdoor game in Ottawa next year that will honour the 100th anniversary of the league and the 25th anniversary of the Ottawa Senators franchise.

A Ratings Monster

Two tortured franchises and extra innings made for a ratings record.

Redblacks in the Black

The Ottawa Redblacks sold out every game at home this season and are officially one of the healthiest franchises in the CFL.

Inside the Mind of a Toronto Raptor Fan

Is the Raptors bandwagon filling up with Leafs and Blue Jays fans, or are the Raptors tapping into new demographics? Thanks to intelligence provided by our friends at Affinio, we were able to analyze the similarities and differences between the Raptors, Blue Jays, and Maple Leafs fan bases based on their Twitter followings.

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