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NHL Snubs the Olympics

Gary Bettman is no stranger to shutdowns, and he added another to his resume this week as the NHL said in a release that they consider participation at the 2018 Olympics “officially closed”. In other words, they’re not going. Of course, that went over like a lead balloon amongst fans, players, and even MPs.

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Return of the Expos?

On the heels of news that a group of investors had met requirements for returning an MLB team to Montreal, 95,382 fans packed the Big O for a final preseason tune up between the Blue Jays and Pirates. Whether the MLB is using Montreal as leverage to get new stadiums built in Tampa Bay and Oakland, or if a return to La Belle Province is a real possibility remains to be seen. But according to a Twitter poll we posted last weekend, a majority think a return is imminent, with expansion being the most likely means.

Things Heating up in Calgary

The Flames have hit the nuclear button. After Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the proposed CalgaryNEXT project is dead, Flames CEO Ken King fired back and said the team will move if it can’t strike a deal for a new arena. As of next season, the Flames will have the oldest arena in the NHL, but Nenshi has made it clear that Calgarians oppose using public money to finance a new arena for the Flames. That leaves a lot of question marks about the Flames future in Cowtown.

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