Podcast Ep. 12 – Trevor Murphy talks St. John’s Edge

Trevor Murphy St. John's Edge
Trevor Murphy (left) and St. John’s Edge GM & Head Coach Jeff Dunlap.

Featured photo credit: St. John’s Edge/Jeff Parsons

In this podcast, we spoke with Trevor Murphy, Assistant GM and Director of Team Operations for the St. John’s Edge of NBL Canada, about his transition from hockey to basketball, setting up the team in a short period of time, the name and logo process, the response from the community so far, the impact of Carl English, and growing the game of basketball in Newfoundland & Labrador. 

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Show notes:

  • 1:22 – Transitioning from hockey to basketball
  • 2:39 – His role with the St. John’s Edge
  • 5:12 – How the Edge go about recruiting players for the team
  • 7:45 – Launching the team in a very short period of time
  • 11:55 – The importance of connecting with youth in the city
  • 13:55 – The team’s ticket pricing strategy
  • 16:30 – How the organization landed on St. John’s Edge and the meaning behind the name
  • 22:20 – Feedback from fans and the community so far
  • 24:15 – How involved the players have been with the fans after home games
  • 32:10 – The team’s plans to help grow the game of basketball in Newfoundland & Labrador
  • 35:15 – The impact Carl English has had since signing with the Edge
  • 40:45 – How the Carl English deal came together
  • 44:25 – What’s in store

Follow Trevor @murphtrevor on Twitter and visit sjedge.ca for more information about the St. John’s Edge.

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