Podcast Ep. 03 – Twitter Canada Talks Blue Jays


Ahead of the team’s home opener, Cam Gordon with Twitter Canada talks Blue Jays and MLB live streaming. 

cam-gordon-twitterCam Gordon is the Head of Communications with Twitter Canada. A seasoned PR practitioner, he has worked with some of North America’s largest brands for more than 10 years. 


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Show notes:

  • The Blue Jays are the most followed Canadian pro sports team, ahead of all NHL teams including the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • The Jays are also the 2nd most followed team in the MLB behind only the New York Yankees.
  • Jose Bautista is one of 8 active MLB players with 1 million Twitter followers heading into this season. 
  • Of all the players on the three major Toronto pro sports teams (the Blue Jays, the Leafs, and the Raptors), Demar DeRozan was the most mentioned in the past 12 months. Kyle Lowry was #2, followed by Auston Matthews, Jose Bautista, and Serge Ibaka. Cam mentioned that NBA All-Star voting generates a lot of mentions.
  • Twitter is bringing live streaming to Canadian baseball fans, with an out-of-market game every Friday night. Because it’s out-of-market, there will be no Blue Jays games streamed on Twitter in Canada.
  • The first MLB Game of the Week was on April 7th between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers. While Cam didn’t have any numbers, there was a lot of positive feedback from people who were watching.

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