Opinion: A Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir reality show, coming soon to Netflix?

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Netflix

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have captured the hearts and minds of Canadians everywhere. Our appetite to know more about the dominant figure skating duo is insatiable right now. How do they train? What do they talk about? Are they romantically involved? What will their life after sport be like? We have infinite questions about them. It’s the biggest dose of celebrity culture to hit Canada since Michelle Obama and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau appeared to be fostering a friendship. Canadians don’t often participate in celebrity culture, so when we do, it’s a unique opportunity for somebody to profit. And there’s a group that has more reason than any other to take advantage of the situation.

Last fall, Netflix and Heritage Canada announced a $500 million deal in which the content giant will produce shows and movies based in Canada. It was a landmark deal, and one that’s created a bunch of questions for Canadian viewers. What kinds of shows will Netflix make? Will they continue their content plans and just produce more shows in Canada? Did Canada get a fair deal? Details of the agreement haven’t been released in full, so there’s no way to tell. But what we do know is there’s a pot of money earmarked for “Canadian content” and Canadians want more Tessa and Scott right now.

Netflix produces so much content but needs a signature Canadian show. They need something to show Heritage Canada and could easily green light a Tessa and Scott reality show tomorrow. They could release 12 episodes on Canada Day and would definitely see a subscriber bump. Sure, this isn’t exactly taking Canadian intellectual property and making it into TV or movies like Heritage Canada would rather. But they could point to a potential Tessa and Scott show and at least say they are making Canadian TV about Canadian stars. After all, I don’t think Altered Carbon is the talk in Tim Horton’s or around the water cooler these days, but a Tessa and Scott reality show would be. They have to spend the money in Canada regardless, and it would grow their subscriber base beyond their 18-49 strength.

If you’re Tessa and Scott, you probably don’t need the money. You can hit the speaker circuit, coach at a skating school, join one of the touring figure skating groups, and keep a few endorsements going. Maybe you don’t want the additional attention and want a quiet life together or apart. But the reality of the situation is these two may never be able to go back to life without being instantly recognized anywhere in Canada, so why not make more money off it? Would Scott and Tessa turn down $1 million each for 6 weeks of work? What about 2.5 million each?

Canadians want more Tessa and Scott. Netflix has to spend $500 million in Canada. This makes too much sense. I can’t wait for this announcement, because it’s a foregone conclusion in my mind. Coming July 1st, it’s Dancing into the Future with Tessa and Scott, and it’s only on Netflix.

Jeffrey Lush

Jeff Lush is a Raptors fan and digital nerd who works as an advertising consultant. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jlush709.